Projector > Chronos Wireless Presentation System - EZWPS-510

Chronos Wireless Presentation System - EZWPS-510

Kode Barang : EZWPS-510

Harga : Rp 4.300.000,00

    Jumlah : stock tersedia : 7

Deskripsi :
Windows/Mac support
WiFi-Doc for iOS/Android
Plug&Show: launching the projection application from a USB thumb drive
Quadrant Projection
SNMP Manager: manage/configure multiple WGA510 through SNMP consoles
Conference Control: Moderator control function through the device web page
Support up to 64 logged users
Security design: Session Login Code, WEP/WPA/WPA2 key, and GateKeeper
HDMI and VGA dual video interfaces
WiFi AP-Client mode support
WiFi 802.1b/g/n 

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