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Razer Mouse Bungee

Kode Barang : Razer Mouse Bungee

Harga : Rp 355.000,00

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Deskripsi :
-Drag-Free Cord Control
Keep the mouse cord off the ground by threading through the raised spring arm. It prevents tangles and stops drag for a smoother mouse swiping experience, increasing competitive gaming performance.
-Anti-Slip feet for Heavy-Duty Stability
A weight installed in the bases centre along with anti-slip feet on the underside means the Razer Mouse Bungee remains stable no matter how fast and aggressive your mouse swipes are.
-Space Saving
The Razer Mouse Bungee is structurally designed to be both an aesthetic addition to your gaming setup as well as a sleek space-saver with its small footprint.

Tech Specs:
Anti-slip feet
Rust-resistant taut spring arm to allow cable flex
Head grip for mouse cord management
Weighted base for stability
Space-saving structure
Approximate Size : 115 mm / 4.53 (Length) x 50 mm / 1.97 (Width) x 121 mm / 4.76 (Height)
Approximate Weight : 105 g / 0.23 lbs


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