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Cliptec Black-Neo USB LED Illuminated Keyboard RZK290

Kode Barang : RZK290

Harga : Rp 183.000,00

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Deskripsi :
CLiPtec BLACK-NEO USB LED Illuminated Keyboard RZK290

CLiPtec RZK290 USB LED Illuminated Keyboard 'BLACK-NEO' is a home and office keyboard which with LED illuminated backlight combines smooth curves and a sleek finish in a cutting edge design. It is durable keyboard structure adjustable stand is installed at the bottom of the keyboard for user can adjust the angle of the keyboard to fit their requirements. The keyboard is remarkably cool in outlook with attractive with 3 colours LED illumination.
Unique Design
Unique cutting edge design and soft touch keys with comfortable stroke for a great gaming experience.
LED Illuminated Backlight
Keyboard with 3 LED illuminated backlight, for perfect and cool in the dark environment.
Durability Keyboard
Solid keyboard and keycap construction with long lasting laser key printing and 10 million life cycles.
Less Force Key
Feeling of assurance that their commands are being uted exactly. Each key requires less force to 55g ± 10g for blazing fast typing responsiveness.
Adjustable Keyboard Height
Adjustable tilt legs that maximize comfort.
Spill-Resistant Design
Allow liquid to drain cut of keyboard. Provides protection in case of accidently water spill.
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