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Cliptec PCWave Dynamic Stereo Multimedia Headset BMH529

Kode Barang : BMH529

Harga : Rp 148.000,00

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Deskripsi :
CLiPtec BMH529 Dynamic Stereo Multimedia Headset 'PCWave' are made specifically for active, daily use, to power you forward by delivering extraordinary comfort, style and an immersive listening experience. The attached microphone delivers crisp conversations on Skype call, gaming chatting and also music listening that is optimized for a wide range of personal computer and notebook.
Smooth Audio Performance
Smooth audio reproduction for stereo sound and outstanding bass performance.
Easy Voice Calls
Integrated microphone makes it easy to gaming chatting, Skype calls or answer.
Adjustable Headband
Flexible and adjustable with memory scale to ensure each head shape is suited with best possible fit.
Audio and Microphone Connection
2 x 3.5 mm audio jack and microphone for premium and no-loss sound connect to your personal computer.
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