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Cable Converter VGA + Audio to HDMI Netline

Kode Barang : Cable VGA+Audio to HDMI NL

Harga : Rp 280.000,00

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Deskripsi :
Product features :
This product is a poertable converter line,defined by the standard VGA analog signal source + audio source input into HDMI output.

Product Use :
Our Products are widely used : dekstop/ Notebook//DVD/ STB/ Player/ Camera and other equipment VGA input signal source, this converter is connected through the so-difination TV/ monitor/ display device, such as the output. This solving teh user from analog to digital display device connected solutions.

Product Features :
1. Flexible design consept, truly Personal Emergency
2. Supports plug and play, no need to set 
3. Product resolution up 720P/ 1080i/ 1080P
4. Product audio input terminal: USB
5. Product supply : 5V1A
6. Products Inputs terminal: VGA + Audio
7. Products Output terminal: HDMI 

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