Cable > Orico FMC-15 3.5mm Jack Male to Female Extension Audio Cable

Orico FMC-15 3.5mm Jack Male to Female Extension Audio Cable

Kode Barang : Orico FMC-15

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Deskripsi :
Product Description
Hi-fi stereo, clear sound
Normal audio cable may appear unstable transmission and fuzzy sound. ORICO hi-fi stereo system makes you enjoy pure music and efficient transmission, avoid some deficiencies of normal cables.
Stepped design of connector
There is no bad contact caused by cellphone shell to connect all phones and devices with shell. Insert and listen, no problem.
Compatible with 3.5mm devices
ORICO audio cable is ideal for connecting smartphone, tablet, MP3, DVD, TV, CD player, speaker, car aux jack, portable device or other 3.5mm compatible devices.
Audio transmission for cellphone
You no longer need earphones to enjoy high quality music. ORICO FMC gives you superior sound effect, partying whenever and wherever possible.
Audio transmission for laptop and computer
Connecting computer lets you enjoy beautiful music and take you to love wonderland.
High tensile, environment-friendly
High tensile TPE elastic cable helps to manage the voluble cable you are upset, more fashionable, more environment-friendly.

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