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Orico COR3-15 USB3.0 OTG Round USB Cable

Kode Barang : Orico COR3-15

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Deskripsi :
Product Description
Connect mouse with OTG
Easy to watch movies, play games and edit files, turning your phone into palmtop.
Read files, pictures and videos in U-disk with OTG
Method for searching files: access " file management ", then click "SD card", next choose your storage device from the pull-down menu.
Easy to chat on the Internet with OTG
How to use: just connect Micro USB port to corresponding digital device, faster and more conveniently.
Sync & charge
COR3-15 can charge cellphones and tablets with Micro USB port.
5 Gbps fast transmission, high speed charge
SuperSpeed USB3.0 provides 5 Gbps fast transmission and charging speed increases by 20% than original cables, double fast, double fun.
Gilded plug shows your taste
Bran-new 24K gold-plating technology, better than the original cable, conductivity stronger, shows your taste; delicate USB3.0 port perfectly fits for your phone, smoothly plugging and unplugging.

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