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Cliptec USB Bluetooth Dongle Ver. 4.0 + EDR RZB939

Kode Barang : RZB939

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| Introduction |
CLiPtec USB Bluetooth Ver 4.0 + EDR Dongle RZB939 is a simple solution to enable your computer to communicate with Bluetooth enabled devices such as Mobile Phones, Printers, Bluetooth Headsets and Bluetooth Speakers. With the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), you can enjoy longer battery life on your notebook computer and other devices. CLiPtec RZB939 featuring a latest Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0, it is compatible with all previous Bluetooth version V1.1, V1.2, V2.0+EDR, V2.1+EDR and V3.0+HS.
| Features |
Newest Bluetooth Specification Bluetooth Ver. 4.0 Smart Ready Adaptors with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Enhanced Data Rate (EDR).
Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.0, backward compatible with the earlier versions.
Features advanced audio processing lossless and DATA Transmission, support AVRCP&A2DP service allow to play 
music on the speaker & headset of computer from mobile phone or Tablet PC.
Connect up to 7 Bluetooth enabled devices at the same time.
Content with the latest Bluetooth V4.0 standard offer speed up to 3Mbps.
Support Profile: File Transfer Profile (FTP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Hands-Free Profile (HFP), 
Human Interface Device (HID), Dial-Up Networking (DUN), Personal Area Networking (PAN), Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP), Serial Port Profile (SPP), Object Push Profile (OPP), Basic Printing Profile (BPP), Basic Imaging Profile (BIP).

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